About the Center

The Center was founded in 2006 and is a subsidiary of Executive Frameworks. The Center for Business Models in Healthcare is the author and owner of the 4R Oncology® Model including its methods and tools including Care Sequence® plans. Prior to founding the Center, Executive Frameworks provided business and decision-making advisory services to large payers. As part of the work, Executive Frameworks conducted research projects exploring the impact of the emerging field of personalized medicine on US payers and care providers. The study revealed a complex mix of barriers posed by the US care delivery and reimbursement system to adopting personalized medicine. It was evident that the adoption of personalized medicine could not be addressed by payers alone. There was a lack of mechanisms and forums for all relevant stakeholders to devise and implement collaborative solutions. With the promise of personalized medicine and the determination to contribute to its adoption in health care, The Center for Business Models in Healthcare was established.

Our work addresses three interrelated needs:

  • Understanding barriers to the adoption of medical innovations and care processes
  • Developing solutions to barriers
  • Applying a multi-disciplinary approach that benefits all stakeholders.