The Center’s approach includes:

  • An innovative framework for appropriate adoption of medical innovations and quality care delivery – researching barriers and developing solutions
  • A combination of research rigor with expediency and practicality
  • Collaborations with: academics, community providers, patient groups, payers, product developers, others


The Center’s capacity and depth are achieved through its extensive collaborations with academic partners and other stakeholders who are engaged in various CBM-HC efforts, based on their expertise and interests, working in virtual teams. CBM-HC has immediate access to a variety of expertise: the Center works with noted physicians, pathologists, geneticists, health economists, and other experts.

Along with the Center’s extensive network of other partners, including large health systems, hospital organizations, private payers, patient advocacies, and product development companies. This network provides additional resources for conducting research, a fertile base for developing study cohorts, and opportunities to pilot interventions.